Norman Re-Elected President of Louisiana State Law Institute

Rick Norman has been re-elected for his second year as President of the Louisiana State Law Institute. Norman has served in its governing body since 2006. The Law Institute was established in 1938 as an official law revision commission, law reform agency, and legal research agency of the State of Louisiana. Norman will preside over the LSLI Council which acts as the governing body of the Institute and includes more than 100 LSLI council members from the legal industry.

The purposes of the Law Institute are declared by the Louisiana legislature to be: “To promote and encourage the clarification and simplification of the law of Louisiana and its better adaptation to present social needs; to secure the better administration of justice and to carry on scholarly legal research and scientific legal work.” The Law Institute is required to consider needed improvements in the law and to make recommendations concerning them; to study the law with a view to discovering defects and inequalities and recommend needed reforms and to bring Louisiana law, both civil and criminal, into harmony with modern conditions.

The Law Institute makes biennial reports to the legislature and regularly submits reports and bills to carry out its recommendations. The governing body of the Law Institute is the Council, consisting of both ex-officio members and elected members who represent all branches of state government, the faculty of Louisiana’s four law schools, and the entire legal profession, including the state and federal judiciary.

Norman was a former federal prosecutor and has practiced commercial law and commercial litigation since 1980. He is the author of two legal treatises: Louisiana Employment and Louisiana Corporations. Norman practices in the Taylor Porter Lake Charles office.